Pillow talks matter, because when bedtime conversations end, dreams begin.

Welcome to Pillow Talk by Kiddingly - your weekly dose of bedtime conversations around books, creativity, news, and life with your little ones.

Pillow Talk is an initiative by Kanupriya, the Mommy at Kiddingly who believes in the magical power of stories.

From pandemic to protests, a lot is happening in the world right now. Our curious little ones are listening and observing, many a times they have questions for which we don’t have an easy answer.

A celebrity died recently and my 8 year old asked me, “what is suicide”. Last week, he was curious about the “black lives matter” movement and he has hundreds of other questions around the COVID crisis, from when will it end to, when can he go back to school?

These and many more, their questions need to be answered.

Pillow Talk is an effort towards simplifying conversations around news, current affairs, life-lessons, and support these discussions with stories.

15 minutes of focussed, undistracted time daily is all that we need to peep into the inner world of our little ones and keep these conversations going. For us, its bedtime, it could be dinner time or any other time for you.

And I strongly believe that every parent is a brilliant storyteller. All we need is little help with cues or prompts that sometimes get difficult to arrange in our otherwise busy, hectic life. Pillow Talks aims to help us all with the same.

Let’s make the pillow talks beautiful so that dreams begin on beautiful notes too.

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